5 Mistakes to Avoid When Stripping and Waxing Floors in Louisville

Stripping and waxing your floors in Louisville is the surest way to get them clean and shiny, but the process can be tedious. It’s definitely a learned skill, and mistakes can lead to lackluster results or even permanent floor damage. For best results, avoid these five common mistakes!

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Not Understanding Your Floors

Knowing the type of floor you’re working with is essential before you start stripping and waxing. Your floors may be laminate, vinyl, tile or hardwood, and knowing the specific type is important for choosing the right products.

Using the Wrong Products

Solutions for natural stone are very different than those formulated for use on VCT flooring. Using the wrong chemicals is a sure way to get lackluster results and potentially damage your floors. We are happy to recommend the best solutions for your needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us before starting your project.

Using the Wrong Dilution Ratios

Using too much of either water or chemicals can render your solution ineffective. It can also damage your floors. Remember that using more chemicals won’t make your solution strong — and it can often make the stripping process even more difficult.

Ignoring Dwell Times

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to stripping floors! Let your solution sit on the surface long enough to penetrate it fully without drying. Always check the label of your chemicals for the proper dwell time and abide by it.

Forgoing Routine Care

After stripping and waxing your floors, routine care is vital for keeping that shine you love. This will prevent small problems from becoming big problems in the future.

Our inventory of floor care supplies in Louisville includes everything you need to keep your floors looking their best. Browse our catalog and order online here!

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