Green Cleaning Supplies

Reduce your impact on the planet without affecting performance.

A Multifacted Approach to Minimizing Impact

We can reduce our impact on the planet by recycling products, minimizing the consumption of resources, using alternative chemicals that are safer on the environment and by finding uses for plants that can be re-grown.

At Leonard Brush & Chemical, we have a wide array of products that can help our customers in their attempt to become Greener.

Reducing consumption of chemicals and resources

Floor mats made from recycled plastic and rubber tires. Paper hand towels, toilet paper, food containers and cardboard boxes made from recycled paper pulp. Plastic liners and trash containers made from recycled plastic resin. These are just some of the many eco-friendly cleaning supplies in Louisville that you’ll find in our online catalog.

Using fewer products is better for the planet and your budget. Reducing consumption means less trash in landfills and less pollution. We help you reduce chemical consumption by using mixing devices that accurately dilute concentrated cleaning products for maximum economy. Many of our products are designed for long-term use, like our microfiber cloths, wet mops and dust mop heads. In addition to being able to be laundered and reused hundreds of times, these products dramatically minimize the amount of chemicals used.

We offer chemicals for laundry and general cleaning that pollute the environment less and are healthier to use, including hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners. Nearly all of our chemicals are now biodegradable. These formulas produce the results you need with less damage to the environment.

We also have several organic cleaning chemicals that have components made from corn, soybean and other vegetation that can be re-grown over and over again. These BioRenewable products are part of our commitment to offer natural cleaning chemicals made from renewable resources.

Let us show you that it doesn't have to cost more to Go Green with your cleaning program.

Contact us today to learn more about how going green can save you money while protecting the environment and preserving the planet.

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