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Ride On Floor Scrubbers

The Rider S 26 Disk Scrubber stands out as a highly effective cleaning machine, specifically designed for effortlessly covering large areas. Its Disk brush pad not only minimizes maintenance costs but also enhances cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces. The Rider S26 Disk Scrubber can navigate through 31’’ entryways with ease, thanks to its 26-inch disk brush, ensuring thorough cleaning even in tight areas, or tightly accessible areas. Constructed with a durable steel frame, it's built to withstand daily use. Perfect for healthcare facilities, supermarkets, or retail centers.


S20 Disk - Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Get control of your facilities cleanliness and labor costs by daily scrubbing with an automatic, battery-powered Floor Scrubber. The S20 thrives in Kitchens, Fitness Centers, and other applications under 25,000ft

M26 Cylindrical - Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

The M26 is a high-performance Battery Floor Scrubber for use in medium to large-sized areas and cleans specialty applications like Grouted Tile and Rubber Field Tracks with ease while offering the ability to sweep and scrub.

Affordable Floor Cleaning Equipment

These machines are characterized by their compact dimensions, high maneuverability and extreme flexibility. Our value priced machines save customers money at the date of purchase, but also offer years of savings due to higher reliability and non-proprietary parts when service is necessary.

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