Understanding Carpet Cleaning Frequencies

When was the last time your carpets were cleaned? Are you cleaning them as often as you should? And how can the condition of your carpets impact your business’s financials? Get the low down on everything you need to know about carpet cleaning frequencies below, and browse our full inventory of carpet care solutions here.

How often should carpets really be cleaned?

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC), your carpet cleaning program should be based on soil levels and traffic. For example, a carpeted lobby in a healthcare facility may need cleaning multiple times each week, while a section of the same building with far less foot traffic may only require cleaning a few times a year. The right answer to this question is really “often enough to control soil and maintain a high level of appearance.”

What are the financial impacts of infrequent carpet maintenance?

Keeping a regular carpet cleaning schedule improves appearances and the indoor air environment while prolonging the life of your carpets. A lack of maintenance can be expensive: if just a small carpeted area of carpet is routinely ignored and becomes damaged as a result, the entire area will need to be replaced. Servicing an area properly and regularly is always the better, and more affordable, option.

What are the health impacts of carpet cleaning frequency?

Removing soil from carpet results in healthier spaces and better indoor air quality. To take a strategic approach, focus your efforts on the most heavily soiled and trafficked areas in your space. Target your resources to achieve maximum effect, use floor mats to prevent debris from coming into the building and keep up on regular maintenance instead of later trying to restore neglected carpet.

For more info, check out this video from the IICRC and ISSA:


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