Tackling Restroom Odors with Fresh Products

Restroom cleanliness has a significant impact on workplace and business perception. Dirty restrooms are tough to forget for employees, customers and guests: nearly 80% of consumers say they won’t visit a restaurant with dirty bathrooms.

Restroom odors can be caused by many sources, and addressing each one is important for complete odor control. Our inventory of solutions from Fresh Products will keep every inch of your restroom smelling fresh and clean!

Fresh Products for Urinal Odors

Urinals and the area surrounding them are some of the dirtiest spaces in restrooms. Splash back from urinals can cause urine to scatter up to five feet, leaving stains in the surrounding grout and lingering odors from dried urine.

The Tidal Wave urinal screen features dual-sided splash control, so no matter which side is up, splash back is stopped. The Tidal Wave delivers five times more fragrance than the competition and lasts a full 60 days, reducing labor by 50%. And it doesn’t just mask odors: it eliminates them. Tidal Wave contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors and helps keep drains clean and clear. To learn more, or to order Tidal Wave online, click here.

Commodes and Stalls

Stalls and commodes are also big sources of foul odors. The Eco Bowl Clip from Fresh Products is a passive air freshener with 20 times the fragrance load of typical toilet bowl clips. These clips attach easily to the side of the toilet bowl and eliminate odors at the source. This is the perfect air freshening solution for high-traffic restrooms and keeps them smelling fresh for 30 days.

Floors and Drains

Tile flooring is a porous surface that absorbs moisture, which also means that floors can trap foul odors. Bio Conqueror 105 from Fresh Products is the perfect solution! Bio Conqueror 105 is made using surfactants and odor fighting bacteria. Adding Bio Conqueror 105 to mop water daily equips the restroom with a long-term odor fighter. Bio Conqueror 105 seeps deep into the tiles, encapsulating odor causing bacteria. Over time, the bacteria in Bio Conqueror 105 will build up in your grout and will protect your floors from odors! To treat drains, pour roughly 2oz of Bio Conqueror 105 directly into the floor drain to eliminate odors that have built up in the trap.

By using our solutions from Fresh Products, you can address odor sources in your restrooms and create fresher, cleaner spaces for your employees, customers and guests. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding our restroom odor solutions!

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