Proper Dry Times Protect Carpets

Practicing routine cleaning is one of the best ways to lengthen the life of your carpets and improve their appearance, but too much moisture when cleaning can do more harm than good. Wet carpets become magnets for debris and dirt, and they create possible risks to safety and health for building occupants.

When water sits too long on your carpets, you may be creating a thriving artificial environment in which mold and microbes can grow.

While carpets usually dry in under an hour when using low-moisture cleaning techniques, hot water extraction uses far more water. This deep cleaning method results in longer dry times.

If your carpet is still damp or smells like must the day after cleaning, you’ll need to assess the process to find the proper solution. Your equipment may be to blame, your staff may not be using it properly or the chosen cleaning method may be inappropriate for the specific type of carpet being cleaned.

Don’t Over-Wet the Carpet

Over-wetting the carpet won’t make it cleaner; it will just cause drying and wicking issues. Before you tackle your project, know how much moisture to put down, the type of carpet you’re working on and how to properly adjust your machinery for pressure and temperature.

Do Prep the Carpet

Before cleaning, prep your carpet by vacuuming thoroughly. Remove as much dry debris and dirt as possible. Cleaning your carpet first will cut down on the number of wet passes you need to make while cleaning.

Do Use a Wet/Dry Vac

Use a wet/dry vac if possible to remove excess moisture from the carpet. This type of equipment is also great to have on hand for reacting to emergencies, like major spills, where you’ll need to remove liquid as fast as possible.

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