Preparing Your Facility to Reopen

Earlier this week, Governor Beshear outlined when specific businesses can begin reopening in mid-May. He made clear that loosening the restrictions is contingent on businesses being able to meet sanitizing, masking and social distancing standards, and we are here to help you assure both employees and visitors that they are safe and welcome in your facility.

Follow these best practices to help you prepare to reopen your facility:

Clean, disinfect and reassess

Before your facility reopens, conduct a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the space from floor to ceiling. If you are short on supplies, browse our online catalog to shop for janitorial supplies in Louisville, and give us a call at 502-585-2381 to check our current inventory. Follow the guidelines outlined by the CDC to disinfect various surfaces, and reassess your cleaning procedures and make changes to improve them going forward.

Create fresh impressions

To make employees and visitors feel welcome, your facility shouldn’t just look clean; it should smell clean too! A majority of people assume a smelly facility isn’t clean, making it essential that you establish an effective odor elimination program that neutralizes and replaces bad smells.

Educate your staff

By now, your team should know the importance of hand washing, but placing signs in restrooms can serve as extra reminders to scrub for at least 20 seconds. Make hand sanitizer readily available, and talk to your cleaning team about the importance of regularly disinfecting high-touch areas.

Make cleaning public

In the past, many cleaning activities were intentionally done out of the sight of customers. In the coronavirus era, your customers may appreciate seeing visible signs of cleaning – like team members disinfecting shopping carts or wiping down countertops. You may even consider sharing photos of your janitorial staff with messages about how their hard work keeps everyone safer.

Cleanliness has always played a role in perceptions about facilities, but customers will (understandably!) be even more tuned in to infection control risks. Following these suggestions will show them you care about their safety and health.

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