Unger Excella for Efficient Floor Care in Louisville

Want to clean and finish floors twice as fast as traditional methods?

The Unger Excella cleans a remarkable 4,878 square feet per hour. A string mop head, for comparison, cleans just 2,564 square feet in the same amount of time, according to a study conducted by ManageMen, Inc. last year.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency

What makes the Unger Excella so efficient? The tool combines a self-guiding S-curve pole with a dual-swivel handle to create a “self-steering” mopping system. This system is the first of its kind, and it includes both the ability to dispense liquid from the on-board bottle and features a height adjustable pole. This combo delivers incredibly fast cleaning with less stress, strain and effort than any other mop on the market today.

Suitable for spot mopping, dusting, wet mopping and floor finishing applications, the Unger Excella can be used on any hard floor surface.

See it in action here:


Achieve a Healthier Level of Clean

  • Achieve a healthier level of clean with a microfiber-based mopping system
  • Ease back-breaking work with an innovative ergonomic design
  • Increase cleaning speed with a self-steering pole and the elimination of buckets
  • Clean a variety of spaces with enhanced system portability and size options

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