Better Results with Americo Xtract Floor Pads

When it comes to cleaning and restoring floors, nothing tops Americo floor pads. Made from an open-cell polymeric foam, Americo’s XTRACT floor pads deliver outstanding results on VCT, tile, terrazzo, concrete and epoxy floors. These floor pads also remove black marks easily and restore tile and grout without the use of harsh chemicals. Available in standard round floor pads, rectangular pads for oscillating equipment and 4.5” x10” utlity pads, XTRACT melamine floor pads can reduce your overall cleaning costs while making your floors look their very best.

Americo XTRACT Floor Pad FAQs

What kind of floors can I clean with XTRACT pads?

XTRACT pads can be used on ceramic and porcelain tile, epoxy, VCT, concrete, terrazzo, rubber, stone and synthetic wood flooring.

What makes XTRACT special?

This line of floor pads is designed specifically to be a problem-solver for tile and shallow grout and other difficult areas where removing soil can be challenging. For example, XTRACT does a terrific job on restroom floors and can remove black marks without removing finish.

Should XTRACT be used wet or dry?

For best results, we recommend using XTRACT pads after being completely saturated. The movement of these pads causes friction, resulting in the removal of soiled hard-to-clean areas. Additionally, keeping the pad wet reduces the drag, which is essential for proper use.

What is the life expectancy of XTRACT pads?

When used on smooth surfaces, XTRACT pads can last up to 5,000 sq. ft.

What types of machines can I use with XTRACT floor pads?

We recommend using XTRACT on standard speed machines, oscillating machines or auto scrubbers. Want to see them in action? Contact us today to schedule your free demo!

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