Protect and Prolong Your Floors with PROmatte

When it comes to floor care, Spartan is a recognized leader in the industry. One of their most innovative products is PROmatte, specially formulated to protect and seal with a smooth matte finish.

While some facilities desire high gloss floors, in others, glossy floors can be a detriment. Consider hospital wards that cater to dementia patients, for example. When asked what kind of floors are best for those facilities, 93% of respondents in a study by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement said they prefer subtly polished floors instead of those with a high gloss. In such spaces, minimizing glare helps reduce the risk of confusion and falls.

Classrooms may also desire a more matte finish. In these spaces, floors see a lot of wear and tear. High gloss finishes can amplify these blemishes, making floors look worse.

PROmatte Sealer, Floor Finish and Protectant: The best floor care supplies in Louisville

The PROmatte sealer, floor finish and protectant is ideal for spaces that want a low-maintenance, low-gloss finish. It’s also great for facilities with minimal staffing and low floor care expertise because it provides a professional look with less labor. It even deepens the true color of floors, is highly resistant to black-heel scuffs and markings and protects tile for a long-lasting, attractive appearance.

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About Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

A recognized leader in the creation and manufacturing of sustainable sanitation and cleaning solutions since 1956, Spartan manufactures products in Maumee, Ohio. Spartan’s high quality chemical products are used in a variety of markets, including healthcare, schools, hospitality, foodservice and manufacturing.

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