Ice Melt Dos and Don’ts for Louisville Facility Managers

Here in Louisville, winters can be unpredictable. From mild cold fronts to surprise snowfalls, facility managers should be prepared to address icy walkways and driveways to ensure the safety of everyone. Ice melt products play an integral role in this effort, but using them safely and strategically is crucial.

The Do’s of Ice Melt

1. Choose the Right Product: Not all ice melt products are created equal. For Louisville’s variable winters, you need a versatile product. The Snow Commander Snow and Ice Melter is ideal with its fast action down to -5° F and added protection against grass and shrub damage. Alternatively, the Safe Step Pro Enviro Ice Melt is a blended solution that works efficiently up to -10° F and is friendly for both pets and people.

2. Apply Before the Snowfall: An effective strategy is to apply the ice melt before the snow hits. It prevents ice from bonding to the surface and makes snow removal easier.

3. Use the Correct Amount: More doesn’t always mean better. Applying too much can harm the environment and your landscape. Opt for products like the Scotwood Industries Green Scapes Ice Melt, which has an indicator, making application easier and ensuring you don’t overuse.

The Don’ts of Ice Melt:

1. Ignore Storage Instructions: Storing your ice melt in a dry place ensures it retains its efficacy. The Safe Step Pro Select Blue Ice Melt, with its long shelf life, is perfect for Louisville’s unpredictable snowfalls.

2. Neglect Environmental Impact: Some ice melt products can have detrimental effects on the environment. The Scotwood Industries Green Scapes Ice Melt offers an eco-friendlier option, safe on concrete and vegetation, thanks to its blend with Magnesium Chloride and Ice Ban.

3. Forget About Visibility: In low light conditions, ensuring that you’ve covered all the necessary areas can be challenging. Using products like Safe Step Pro Select Blue Ice Melt with its blue dye ensures you don’t miss a spot.

Making the Most of Your Ice Melt in Louisville

For facility managers in Louisville, it’s about finding the balance between safety and environmental responsibility. These products offer the benefits of both, ensuring that walkways and driveways remain safe while minimizing potential harm to the surrounding environment.

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