Effective, Comfortable Backpack Vacuums in Louisville, KY

Backpack vacuums are one of the most useful cleaning tools you can have in your business or facility. They offer deeper and higher reach than conventional upright vacuums, easily clean hotspots like corners and edges without bending and enable you to clean more space in shorter periods of time. Easy to maneuver and efficient, many models by top manufacturers even tackle allergens and dust better than upright vacuums.

Comfortable Backpack Vacuums in Louisville, KY

It’s clear that backpack vacuums can help your facility look and function its best, but some employees may be resistant to try them. They may fear the vacuums are too heavy, uncomfortable or cumbersome, or they simply may have trouble shifting away from familiar conventional cleaning methods.

However, it is our experience that once employees are properly fitted with a backpack vacuum and training on the correct techniques, those fears vanish.

Choosing the Right Backpack Vacuums in Louisville

Choosing the right backpack vacuum can also make a difference in how easily they are accepted into your cleaning program. We carry backpack vacuums in Louisville, KY, from top manufacturers, like ProTeam, that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The weight of the vacuum is distributed evenly between the legs for the utmost mobility and comfort, and very few maintenance employees want to return to the old ways after just a few weeks with the backpack vacuum.

Even employees with physical limitations can use backpack vacuums. Some models are as light as just ten pounds, and using them reduces the strain and fatigue associated with conventional vacuums. There are even compact designs that fit well on a female frame.

If you are curious about making the switch to backpack vacuums but apprehensive about their comfort, talk to one of our team members today about their ergonomic features and benefits. Give us a call at 502-585-2381 or fill out our form online to learn more about how they can improve your facility’s cleaning program.

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