Cleaning Supplies in Louisville for Classrooms

Here at Leonard Brush & Chemical, we are proud to partner with schools and teachers to create healthier, more friendly learning environments for Louisville’s young people. One of the (many!) unwritten responsibilities of educators is to keep their classrooms clean, reducing the opportunities for bacteria and germs to spread.

We’ve created this handy checklist for educators to keep their spaces clean, tidy and healthy for students.

The Best Cleaning Supplies in Louisville for Classrooms

We know that it often feels like the classroom can never be fully clean. With students coming in and out all day, activities in full swing and many little hands to keep watch over, it can be difficult to stay on top of cleaning. However, there are many preventative measures schools can encourage every day to reduce exposure to germs:

– Use a disinfectant to wipe down high-touch surfaces often, including desks, school supplies, doorknobs and more.
– Stock classrooms with cleaning wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer for easy use throughout the day.
– Schools may invest in no-touch trash bins to reduce exposure to germs and bacteria.
– Schools should also encourage teachers and students to stay home when feeling sick. This is one of the single best ways to reduce the spread of illness.

Weekly Classroom Cleaning

Classrooms can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Desks, shared supplies, toys, books, whiteboards and other common objects can become infected in just seconds. Keep germs at bay with these weekly cleaning tips:

– Deep-clean and disinfect high-touch areas each week, including play areas, chairs and desks.
– Wipe down electronics with cleaning wipes. This will help keep germs off computer keyboards, iPads and phones.
– Target the floors. Linoleum is a magnet for bacteria and germs! Talk to your janitorial team about extra cleaning of areas like cafeterias, gymnasiums and classrooms, especially during cold and flu season.

We carry all the cleaning supplies in Louisville you need to complete these and other school cleaning tasks. Shop now, and contact us today to get our expert recommendations on keeping your school clean and healthy!

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