Carpet Care Essentials: Choosing the Right Vacuum

Carpet care is essential for creating a cleaner, safer and healthier facility. In fact, regular carpet maintenance is the foundation of a successful overall cleaning program. Choosing the right vacuum for your needs is essential for getting the job done right, but we know it can be difficult to know which piece of equipment is best for you. Our team is happy to guide you through our inventory and discuss your options! Use the following points as a guide to help you narrow down what you are looking for in a machine, then contact us today to get our best recommendations for your new vacuum in Louisville.


First, think about your priorities.

The industry you service and the responsibilities you tend to will determine your vacuum needs. For example, schools that must be cleaned every day before the hallways fill with students need high-performance and power. Restaurants and hotels, on the other hand, need quiet cleaning options because they must be vacuumed several times a day around patrons and patients. If you manage cleaning for an office, you may need a vacuum capable of covering a lot of ground in a short period of time.

Next, choose the features you need.

Now that you’ve laid out your priorities, it’s time to think about the key features you need in a vacuum. Here are a few to consider:

Corded: Want to reduce downtime if you damage a cord? Look for a vacuum with a quick-disconnect power cord and an extension cord replacement. This eliminates the time you’ll spend waiting for a permanent cord.

Cordless: Want to clean anywhere, even if there isn’t a convenient outlet? Cordless vacs ramp up productivity and are great for stairs and irregular areas. Models with quick recharge times and long runtimes are great for on-the-spot cleaning.

Noise: If you need a quiet cleaning solution, ask us about vacuums with 70 A-weighted decibels or less. These models will keep your energy costs down and help you meet LEED regulations for sound.

Allergen Reduction: Is improving air quality and reducing allergens one of your goals? Ask us about our HEPA filter vacuums.

Lightweight: If comfort and easy maneuverability are on your priority list, look for a lightweight model weighing in at under 16 pounds.

Multisuface cleaning tools: If you need to clean many surfaces, like upholstery, corners or baseboards, choose a vacuum with extension wands, crevice tools and other accessories.

Still stumped about which vacuum is best for you? We are happy to help! Contact us today to get our best recommendations that meet your priorities.

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