A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Floor Stripping in Louisville

Floor care is a foundational component of any building maintenance program. For those who are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, appearance, and safety of office spaces, healthcare facilities, schools, and more, the task of floor stripping can be daunting, especially when faced with aged, yellowed wax or uneven finishes. But with the right approach and high-quality products, this challenge becomes a manageable, routine procedure.

The Importance of Regular Floor Stripping in Louisville

Aging wax and floor finish can not only detract from a building’s appearance but can also harbor dirt and contaminants. Removing these layers periodically ensures a cleaner, shinier, and safer surface. It also provides a clean slate for new coatings, allowing them to adhere properly and look their best.

Floor stripping in Louisville from Spartan Chemical

Step-by-Step Floor Stripping Process

1. Prepare the Area: Before you start, ensure that the area to be stripped is free from furniture and obstacles. Post “wet floor” signs at all entry points to prevent foot traffic during the process.

2. Choose the Right Floor Stripper: Given the myriad of floor strippers on the market, picking the right one for your floor type and the condition is vital.

  • For Heavy Duty Cleaning: Spartan’s DA-70 Finish and Wax Stripper is perfect for challenging jobs, thanks to its ammoniated, synthetic detergent compound. Its controlled ammonia content swiftly penetrates and re-emulsifies wax, making removal straightforward.
  • When Rinsing is a Challenge: The Spartan Rinse Free Strip Liquidator is a game-changer. This efficient stripper is formulated to reduce labor by eliminating the need to rinse and machine agitate. Its organic solvents quickly penetrate and liquify layers of finish, leaving the floor neutral and residue-free.
  • For Long-Term Build-Up: When dealing with floors that have seen repeated recoating or extensive spray-buffing, reach for Spartan Square One Heavy Duty Finish and Wax Stripper. It’s specially crafted to handle these situations, making the removal of highly burnished solids a breeze. Plus, it’s perfect for use in automatic scrubbers.

3. Apply the Stripper: Using a mop or automatic scrubber, apply the floor stripper solution generously to the area. Let it sit for the recommended time, usually 5-10 minutes, ensuring the floor remains wet during this period.

4. Scrub the Area: Employ a floor machine fitted with a black stripping pad to scrub the area. Ensure that you overlap each pass to ensure even stripping.

5. Remove the Solution: Once the floor finish has been effectively broken down, remove the solution using a wet vacuum or mop. Make sure to change the water in your bucket frequently to avoid spreading loosened finish back onto the floor.

6. Neutralize the Floor: After removing the stripping solution, it’s crucial to neutralize the floor using a neutralizing solution. This step prepares the floor for the new finish by ensuring a clean, pH-balanced surface.

7. Dry and Inspect: Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. Inspect the floor for any missed spots or areas that might need a repeat treatment.

8. Apply New Finish: Once satisfied with the stripping, you can proceed to apply a new finish to protect and shine your floor.

Making Floor Stripping Convenient

The key to making the floor stripping process efficient is to choose products that fit the specific challenges of the floor and to use them as directed. Furthermore, using tools and machines designed for the task, like automatic scrubbers, can drastically reduce the time and effort required.

For a comprehensive range of floor care products and recommendations tailored to your facility’s unique needs, be sure to contact our team here at Leonard Brush & Chemical. We understand the challenges faced by facility managers and building service contractors, and we’re here to ensure you have the right tools for every job.

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