Vacuuming Mistakes that Can Lead to Damages

Your vacuum cleaner is essential to your cleaning program. It keeps your floors looking their best, makes your facility healthier and is a part of your regular routine. Using a vacuum properly may seem like a no-brainer, but making these three common mistakes can actually damage your vacuum and make it more difficult to keep your facility clean.

You Might be Using the Wrong Vacuum

There are several vacuum cleaner types, each one manufactured to serve a specific need. For instance, there are portable vacuums, tank and canister vacuums, upright vacuums, and even specialty vacuums. Therefore, you need to know which one is the right one to use for your facility.

Some facility managers make the mistake of using home vacuums to clean their buildings. However, industrial variants are more suitable for the job, especially if you are managing a big facility. This type can easily handle heavy-duty cleaning while minimizing noise and maintaining great air quality for all of your occupants.

You Might be Vacuuming the Wrong Type of Debris

While industrial vacuum cleaners are one of the toughest types out there, vacuuming all sorts of debris can render them vulnerable to damage. For instance, broken glass can block the hose or puncture the bag. In addition, items like coins, rocks, and other hard and small objects can harm your unit.

You Might be Behind on Maintenance

Vacuum cleaners help you maintain your facility, but they require some maintenance as well to keep them in good condition. For instance, change those bags regularly and make sure they are securely attached. The belt, hoses, and filters should also be checked. Otherwise, you might be in for some vacuum repair in Louisville if you neglect these routine vacuum maintenance tasks. Contact us today to make an appointment for vacuum maintenance!

Using the right type of vacuum cleaner, avoiding harmful debris, and regular maintenance will help ensure that your vacuum cleaners are always in tiptop shape and ready to clean your facility.

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