Leonard Brush and Chemical company is a full-line cleaning and maintenance supply distributor. This means we sell products to assist building managers in maintaining their buildings, as well as helping create a pleasant work environment for employees.

Started in 1879, Leonard Brush and Chemical is proud to say that, in our field, we are the oldest company in Louisville, Kentucky, and probably in our state! We started by supplying brooms, brushes, floor wax and other items to neighborhood hardware and grocery stores.

Since those humble beginnings, we have changed our market focus. Today, we supply industry, health care, office buildings, schools, churches and other commercial operations. Over the years, we have added new items to fine tune our product line to better serve our customers' requirements. Today we sell paper products, cleaning machinery, and a wide range of cleaning and maintenance chemicals.

We have built our company on the philosophy of doing whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Supporting the products we sell has always been one of our main objectives. Service after the sale is what keeps customers satisfied. Our sales force, trained by factory representatives, knows the finer points of detail that separate one product from another, to match the right product to an individual customer's requirements. They can assist you in training your employees to use our products.

Our factory trained service technicians are dedicated to keeping your equipment running smoothly and to react quickly to your needs, whether you require vacuum repair in Louisville, new parts for your floor machine or regular maintenance for another piece of cleaning equipment. We only represent equipment lines with a proven record of quality and parts support. We maintain a large inventory of parts for the machinery brands we sell, yet we are capable of providing service for other brands.

We hope you find our new website informative. We are here to serve you.



W. Terry Adams