Creating a Clean, Green Healthy Building with Spartan Cleaning Supplies in Louisville

If sustainability is one of your priorities, we have you covered. We are proud to partner with Spartan to provide green cleaning supplies in Louisville that keep your facility clean without creating negative health effects to your customers and employees.

Green Cleaning Supplies in Louisville for General Cleaning

We offer a variety of formulas that are environmentally preferable yet perform just as well as (if not better than!) their conventional counterparts. You never have to compromise when you choose Spartan products!

Green cleaning supplies in Louisville

Spartan FloorFRONT Floor Finish

This high gloss, low maintenance floor finish is Green Seal Certified and requires burnishing as little as once a week. The modern polymer technology formula provides exceptional clarity, durability and depth of gloss without having to worry about yellowing. Click here to order online.

Spartan BioRenewables Glass Cleaner

This bio based product cleans mirrors, Plexiglass and glass surfaces and is Green Seal Certified. Removes tough soils like grease, oils, smoke, residue, dust and dirt with ease. Click here to order online.

Spartan BioRenewables Restroom Cleaner

The green solution for cleaning toilets, shower rooms and urinals. This bio based product contains 8% citric acid derived from a renewable resource and effectively removes soap scum, water spots and rust from urinals, toilet bowls and other hard, non-porous bathroom surfaces. Click here to order online.

Spartan Consume Eco-Lyzer Neutral Disinfectant

This neutral disinfectant cleaner with residual odor control cuts janitorial labor by cleaning, disinfecting and digesting residual organic soils with one single product. It’s perfect for a variety of surfaces and safe to use on most floors, including VCT, painted surfaces, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, slate, rubber and marble. Use it in bathrooms, zoos, stadiums, dumpsters, loading docks, trash bins and portable toilets to banish nuisance odors. Click here to order online.

Spartan Green Solutions All-Purpose Cleaner

An ecologically sound, environmentally conscious all-purpose cleaner, this solution quickly penetrates, emulsifies and removes light to medium soils. It is biodegradable, VOC free and phosphate free and can be used on any surface not harmed by water. Green Seal Certified! Click here to order online.

Spartan Green Solutions Floor Finish Remover

This very effective finish and wax emulsifier is the perfect companion for Green Solutions Floor Seal and Finish. It is dye-free and non-viscous and does not contain butoxyethanol. Low odor makes it the perfect floor stripper to use in confined areas where typical strong stripper odor presents a problem. Click here to order online.


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