Reducing Restroom Cross Contamination with the Right Janitorial Supplies in Kentucky

Cross contamination is a concern in office buildings, airports, foodservice areas, schools, hospitals and other public spaces, but nowhere is it a bigger threat than in restrooms. The cleaning industry has responded to the threat with innovative new technologies and products that ease cross-contamination concerns, including touch-free fixtures, powerful disinfectants and other janitorial supplies in Louisville, Kentucky.

Disinfectants and Hands-Free Fixtures

Restrooms carry a high potential for cross contamination due to all the surfaces that are handled by users – including door handles, dispenser levers, toilet seats and faucet handles. The same hands that touch these objects will soon touch elevator buttons, telephone receivers, door knobs, railings and other common items as soon as they leave the restroom.

That makes using a powerful disinfectant even more important when cleaning the restroom. Leonard Brush & Chemical offers a variety of aerosol, liquid and powder disinfectants in addition to easy-to-use disinfectant wipes. These potent cleaners kill 99% of bacteria in just seconds, drastically reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Eliminating touch points is another effective way to prevent cross contamination in the restroom. The public has come to expect hands-free fixtures and appreciates the cleaner, safer and healthier experience they create. That’s why we offer auto-flush and auto-faucet options that eliminate cross contamination from touching. Fully guaranteed and reliable, each option reduces water consumption in addition to the potential for cross contamination.

The auto-flush and auto-faucet fixtures, when combined with our no-touch soap dispensers, create a completely hands-free experience in restrooms, resulting in a better, safer way to clean.

Janitorial Supplies Louisville, KY

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