Janitorial Equipment in Louisville We Love: Minuteman Moto-Mop 360

The Minuteman Moto-Mop 360 is easy to transport, agile, compact and delivers multiple solutions based on the floor pad color or brush type. 

Features of the Minuteman Moto-Mop Janitorial Equipment in Louisville: 

– Efficient design and 16 ft. scrub path capable of cleaning 5,400 square feet per hour

– 1 hour of continuous runtime thanks to the 36 volt battery

– Extreme maneuverability for hard-to-clean places

– High-density stainless steel chassis 

– Designed for professional use 

– A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber 

– Powerful multi-speed scrubbing action

– Easy storage

– Powerful suction and water-lift for clean dry floors 

– Easy and intuitive operating controls 

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