Get Air Purifying Technology with Pyure

Everyone wants sanitary environments, and no one wants to use harsh chemicals to get there. Pyure’s patent-protected technology mimics the way sunlight sanitizes the outdoor environment by safely generating hydroxyls indoors. These hydroxyls create organic oxidants that treat your entire space, sanitizing both the air and the surfaces that air comes into contact with.

Designed for Optimal Safety

Pyure products can be safely and continuously operated in the presence of people, plants and animals. They don’t degrade materials, and they destroy viral, bacterial and mold pathogens and eliminate volatile organic compounds and odors from indoor air.

How Pyure Technology Kills the COVID-19 Virus

Pyure uses ultraviolet (UV) energy to mimic the way sunlight sanitizes our outdoor environment by safely generating and diffusing hydroxyls and organic oxidants indoors. The hydroxyls react with volatile organic compounds (VOC) to generate powerful organic oxidants that in turn kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

Find the Right Pyure Unit for You

We offer a number of Pyure units in varying capacities to sanitize any size facility. Take a look at some of our options below:

  • The MDU/Rx Class ll Medical Device registered with the FDA and indicated for the reduction of airborne pathogens, including bacteria, the MS-2 virus, the Phi-X174 virus and the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Treatment range (ft2): 130 – 500
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