Extending the Life of Your Floor Scrubber

Industrial walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers can be a major investment, so getting the most performance out of your equipment is important. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your floor scrubber and help you get the best return on your investment. Routine maintenance also makes unexpected downtime less likely due to repair or service requirements. Additionally, keeping good care of your machine can reduce repair and service costs, making your investment last even longer.

Follow these basic tips before and after using your industrial floor scrubber in Louisville to keep it in peak condition.

Before Using Your Floor Scrubber

Many floor scrubbers are powered by batteries, which can be either gel, lithium, AGM or wet flooded. No matter which type of battery your unit has, always check to make sure it is charged before use. Inspect the battery terminals for corrosion, double-check that there are no loose connections and follow all manufacturer instructions for maintaining your particular type of battery.

Inspect the drain or hose for leaks or clogs. Remove any leftover debris and back-flush the hose if needed to remove any debris lodged inside. Replace the hose if you notice any leaks or cracks.

Check the debris tray to make sure it is completely empty before beginning work.

After Using Your Floor Scrubber

Empty both the cleaning and recovery tanks following use. Failing to empty the solution tank can cause blocks in water flow and solution, and failing to empty the recovery tank can cause a sludge-like mixture to form that becomes very difficult to remove upon drying.

Rinse both tanks after draining, then store them with the lids open to reduce the change of mildew or mold growth as they dry.

Clean the squeegee assembly by rinsing and wiping corrosive parts. Remove, wash and dry the squeegee itself to remove dirt and grime. While cleaning the squeegee, inspect it for worn edges. If all sides appear worn, replace the squeegee blade before the next use. Squeegee blades should also be replaced if they have tears.

Remove the pad driver and thoroughly wash the brush or pad following every use. This will reduce the odds of cross-contamination between cleaning different areas or facilities. Inspect the pad for damages and replace as necessary.

Finally, charge the battery for the next use if applicable.

Following these maintenance tips can extend the life of your floor scrubber and protect your investment. Should your unit needs repairs or replacement parts, or if you’d like to learn more about planned maintenance, contact our service department today here.

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