A Green Glossary of Cleaning Supplies in Louisville

It seems that these days, everyone is talking about green cleaning supplies in Kentucky, and for good reason – green cleaning supplies can be just as effective as conventional supplies but have a reduced impact on the environment and the health of your facility’s staff. Even though green cleaning is growing in popularity, there is still some confusion about what certain terms mean. Use this “green glossary” to learn more about green and sustainable products so you can make the best choices for your facility.

Biobased Products and Cleaning Supplies in Louisville

These products are made in whole or part of renewable plant, animal and marine materials or biological products. Examples include coconut, citrus, parsley, lavender and corn. However, not all biobased products are green; even though a product may come from nature, you also have to think about the packaging and manufacturing process.

Green Seal

This non-profit creates green standards and provides certification for a variety of products. Green Seal is now a symbol of environmental leadership and a benchmark of green cleaning practices.

Green Cleaning Programs

Green cleaning programs go beyond equipment and chemical choices to include procedures, policies, responsibility efforts and training that reduce the impact of cleaning on the environment and building occupants.


Created by the US Green Building Council, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a series of rating systems that regulate operations and maintenance, the construction of new buildings and other aspects of buildings.

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