5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Louisville Facility

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Spring is right around the corner (finally!). Now is the ideal time to give your facility a spruce-up. Follow these five tips and stock up on your favorite cleaning supplies in Louisville to start the new season off right.

1. Refresh the carpets.

Winter can wreak havoc on carpets and rugs. Ice melt, debris and soggy boots take their toll, leaving your carpets needing a makeover come spring. Doing a deep cleaning now will noticeably brighten the space, so bust out your steam cleaner or extractor to revamp the carpets in the areas of your facility that see the most foot traffic. Don’t forget to clean your floor matting too, which is probably worse for wear after winter.

2. Get moving!

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to tackle some of the areas of your facility that have been neglected. Move your cabinets to vacuum behind them, get on a step stool to dust the top shelves of a unit and remove dust and dirt from every nook and cranny for a fresh start.

3. Embrace the light.

The days are getting longer, so make the most of the extra light by giving your windows a good clean. Over winter, rain, sleet and snow can leave them looking filthy, so grab your squeegee and a window cleaning solution to let the light in.

4. Tackle clutter.

Take time to sort through the papers that have stacked up in your space, filing away what you need and recycling the rest. Consider taking decluttering a step further by making digital copies of necessary papers to reduce storage space.

5. Check out your exterior.

We spend so much time and effort focusing on the interior of our facilities during winter that sometimes the exterior gets neglected without notice. This spring, scrub your signage and tidy up green areas to create a welcoming impression for visitors and workers.