5 High-Touch Places to Disinfect in Your Restrooms

Keeping high-traffic areas in your facility clean during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. More than 77,000 distinct types of viruses and bacteria can thrive in restrooms, but contrary to popular belief, the toilet isn’t the most unsanitary space in a restroom. Many surfaces can host bacteria, and it’s important to disinfect these five high-touch surfaces to reduce transmission of germs in your facility.

1. Restroom stalls

Don’t forget to disinfect the stall walls in your restrooms. These surfaces can easily be covered in bacteria spread when toilets are flushed. Walls are often overlooked, but take care to thoroughly disinfect them during the pandemic and beyond.

2. Grab rails

Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the grab rails in your restroom, and follow up with disinfectant. Check the label of your product for the proper dwell time and let it sit before wiping it off.

3. Light switches

If users have to manually switch lights on or off in your restroom, don’t overlook disinfecting switches. These high-touch surfaces need proper attention to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

4. Hand dryers and paper towel dispensers

Touches paper towel and soap dispensers are ideal, but if yours require pushing by users, keep them on your list of items to disinfect often.

Providing a means for drying hands after washing is important to reduce spread in your facility, but hand dryers may be doing more harm than good. A study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 2018 showed that hand dryers can actually collect bacteria and germs from the air and spread it directly on to freshly-washed hands.

5. Door handles

Every time someone walks in or out of your restroom, germs can be transferred to and from your door handles. Regularly disinfect handles to reduce the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses throughout your facility.

Following these best practices for disinfection can help keep your space safer and healthier during the pandemic and beyond. Our online catalog includes all the supplies you need to thoroughly disinfect your restrooms and is open 24/7. Click here to stock up today!


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