3 Reasons We Love the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

1. Disinfect More Surfaces Faster 

The cordless Victory Electrostatic Sprayer saves time, labor and chemicals while covering more surfaces faster than traditional disinfection. No nook or cranny is safe because the sprayer’s technology provides an electrical charge to disinfectant, allowing it to wrap surfaces with effective, complete and even coverage. And it all takes far less time and effort than traditional disinfecting with a spray bottle.

2. Effortlessly Disinfect Every Nook and Cranny

Think about the high-touch surfaces in your facility. Take office desks, for example. Every desk has multiple components requiring disinfection, like the chair, desk surface, office supplies, phone and more. Spraying and wiping each of these elements is prohibitively time-consuming and honestly, not very effective because disinfectant only works on the direct surface it sits on. Any small area you miss can still host bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted throughout your facility.

3. Kill Germs in Minutes 

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer is ideal for any hard surface area that can harbor germs and bacteria, including work stations, payment centers, gyms, buses, call centers, break rooms, medical centers, offices, retail stores, shopping carts and more.

The convergence of the coronavirus pandemic with the upcoming flu season is presenting greater cleaning challenges than ever before. Protect yourself, your team and your facility by investing in a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer from Leonard Brush & Chemical for just $1,815.39! Call us today at 502-585-2381 or click here to place your order!

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